Primary Healthcare

“It does provide good value for money. In fact, overall it’s an excellent system that does exactly what it says on the tin.”
James Young Practice Manager White Medical Group

“It has helped with patient communication, improved patient satisfaction and reduced call congestion.”
Simon Royal Practice Manager Burnley Wood Medical

Secondary Healthcare

“It is an excellent system which helps to alleviate congestion, improve staff morale, improve patient access and promote self management. In my opinion, all walk-in clinics should opt to have this system installed.”

Housing Associations

Full Lone Worker solutions.

Automated credit card payment system over the phone.

Surveying customers while they wait to speak to a representative.

Integration into your existing databases.


With systems installed at every level of government, Voice Connect’s versatile modular solutions offer cost effective, reliable performance with cutting edge technology.

Emergency Services

Voice Connect’s call handling and message distribution systems sit at the heart of the countries emergency services telecoms systems.

Scalable and reliable, they are always there when you need them.


Voice Connect is an organisation that utility companies trust and rely upon.

  • Lone Worker solutions
  • IVR call handling and Messaging
  • Payment systems


“Not only is VC Smart Mail easy to use once set up, it also saves us time and money,” explains Simon.

“The system sorts all the letters out for us. It also reduces costs in two different ways: firstly in terms of staff time, and secondly the cost of sending the letters out is cheaper than we could do ourselves.”

Free upgrade for GP appointment system aims to cut DNAs

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An automated texting service which allows GPs’ practices to send appointment reminders to patients’ mobile phones is being upgraded this month (November) in an effort to reduce DNAs (did not attend). The revised version allows patients the option of replying via text message if they wish to cancel or rearrange their appointment.

The system, known as Medical Messenger, was developed by Voice Connect who also supply the automated appointment booking system Patient Partner to over 600 surgeries across the UK. Medical Messenger can automatically send a free confirmation text message or reminder to patients who have booked an appointment with their GP.

Previously patients had to telephone their surgery if they were unable to make the appointment, but they can now reply by text if unable to attend. This free upgrade will be available to all GPs who already use Medical Messenger. The service has proven particularly successful so far amongst the 16-34 age group, which many GPs feel are most likely to repeatedly miss appointments.

“The easier it is for the patient to cancel or move their appointment, the more likely they are to do it. This technology not only stops patients from forgetting about their appointment, it also makes it easy for them to do something about it if circumstances have changed” comments Voice Connect’s Managing Director Stefan Olsberg. “The system runs around the clock without direct involvement from staff, easing the pressure on them as well as improving communication between patients and their GP.”

Figures released this month (November) by the Doctor Patient Partnership show that 15.5 million GP appointments are missed each year and that over three quarters of health professionals believe that missed appointments are a major problem at their surgery.
It is estimated that each GP appointment costs the NHS £18, meaning that over £270 million is wasted annually on missed appointments. A cut in these figures would see significant improvements for other patients with shorter waiting times and reduced strain on receptionists.

Medical Messenger works in conjunction with Voice Connect’s Patient Partner service which integrates with patient databases to make it easier for both patients and GPs to keep in contact. It also enables a clinic to flag up problem areas with a patient’s health and will advise both GP and patient of any relevant issues, suggesting options such as smoking cessation programmes and flu clinics.

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