Primary Healthcare

“It does provide good value for money. In fact, overall it’s an excellent system that does exactly what it says on the tin.”
James Young Practice Manager White Medical Group

“It has helped with patient communication, improved patient satisfaction and reduced call congestion.”
Simon Royal Practice Manager Burnley Wood Medical

Secondary Healthcare

“It is an excellent system which helps to alleviate congestion, improve staff morale, improve patient access and promote self management. In my opinion, all walk-in clinics should opt to have this system installed.”

Housing Associations

Full Lone Worker solutions.

Automated credit card payment system over the phone.

Surveying customers while they wait to speak to a representative.

Integration into your existing databases.


With systems installed at every level of government, Voice Connect’s versatile modular solutions offer cost effective, reliable performance with cutting edge technology.

Emergency Services

Voice Connect’s call handling and message distribution systems sit at the heart of the countries emergency services telecoms systems.

Scalable and reliable, they are always there when you need them.


Voice Connect is an organisation that utility companies trust and rely upon.

  • Lone Worker solutions
  • IVR call handling and Messaging
  • Payment systems


“Not only is VC Smart Mail easy to use once set up, it also saves us time and money,” explains Simon.

“The system sorts all the letters out for us. It also reduces costs in two different ways: firstly in terms of staff time, and secondly the cost of sending the letters out is cheaper than we could do ourselves.”

Health reforms to ‘take the hassle out of the health service’

news image

The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley has announced the new NHS Information strategy in order to improve the ability of patients to book appointments. He wants to make the NHS more ‘customer friendly’ and to resolve the 8am rush that GP surgeries across the UK suffer. Patients will be encouraged to use technology to improve bookings and to order repeat prescriptions.

Currently many surgeries face an 8am rush from patients who block phone systems and queue up outside surgeries in order to book an appointment and return later in the day when they can see their doctor. This is the situation that Surgery Line from Voice Connect was specifically developed to resolve. The Department of Health believes that half of surgeries currently offer patients a form out of hours service but is instructing all surgeries to make their booking system more accessible to patients.

Mr Lansley said: “Our health reforms are about making life easier for patients. Reforms like this will take the hassle out of the health service. Giving people the option to order their repeat prescriptions…it removes unnecessary stress and bureaucracy.”

Voice Connect have worked with Doctor surgeries for over a decade with Patient Partner which is currently used by surgeries across the UK. The automated phone system allows patients to manage their appointments 24 hours a day to book, cancel, check or change appointments by phone. It integrates with all clinical database systems, ensuring that it can operate in ‘real time’.