Voice Connect Loneworker Privacy Policy

What it is.

Voice Connect’s Loneworker Privacy policy specifies what data we collect and what we do with it. We will tell you who has access to what data and under what circumstances. This is to give you confidence that we treat your information securely and responsibly.

Information we collect.

As a Loneworker we do need you to give us enough information for the service to be able to offer the protection outlined in your organisation’s contract. In all cases, when leaving a message with the Loneworking services, to be able to protect you should anything untoward happen and you are unable to cancel your alarm, the details you leave in your message should always include:-

• Confirmation of your name.
• Where you are likely to be or are travelling to/from.
• Any perceived threat to your safety.
• Other information as you see fit.

This information is required to assist our alarm handlers/your organisation or in extreme circumstances the emergency services being able to locate you.
To assist in this process when you are deemed to be at risk the information is held securely on remote UK servers so, even if your device is damaged then the alarm will still be raised. If you have allowed location services then the last known location of your device at the point of alarm will be extremely valuable to assisting you.

How we use the information we collect.

Under normal operation, this information is only available to Voice Connect alarm handlers and your own organisation (dependent on contractual agreement). Should it be deemed necessary due to your alarm being raised then this information may also be shared with the UK emergency services.
We never pass/sell your details to any third party. We do not use your information for marketing or advertising in any form.
We may use details collected to maintain and/or improve the service we provide.


Voice Connect Limited is based in the UK and processes personal data in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998

Information Security

Voice Connect are certified to ISO27001:2013 information security management.