Medical Messenger

Texting service for GP Surgeries

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Send confirmation and reminder texts from as little as 2.2p each.

Medical Messenger

Medical Messenger, Voice Connect’s practice communication solution sends reminder and campaign texts, emails and letters to your patients. Designed and developed with our partners EMIS, INPS, TPP SystmOne and Informatica the system is fully accredited and integrates with your practice appointment book.

Why Choose Voice Connect and Medical Messenger?

We will remotely setup and install the software for you. No self-install problems or frustrations. Your named project manager and Installation engineer will guide you through the process.

Telephone support. If you have a problem you can ring us, we have a fully trained and experienced support team at the end of the phone from 8am until 5pm. You can still email us if you want but we believe most practices appreciate having the option of picking up the phone and calling.

Voice Connect have been supplying the NHS for 25 years. We have experience of supplying services across the whole of the NHS from individual practices to full trust and CCG deployments. We know how to deploy and support services across the whole of the UK.

The Integrated postal software VC Smartmail is a PAYG service and is designed to work with your clinical systems exports, stream lining the process and at 44.7p a letter (which includes all materials and postage) we believe is an essential cost saving service for all practices.


Automatically generated appointment reminders and confirmations can include the clinician, time, date and even the location of the appointment for multiple site surgeries.

Patients have the ability to text back or call the surgery if they can no longer attend. You can also send ‘alternative’ reminders for telephone consultations, to remind patients that they will receive a phone call, but do not have to attend the surgery.

The bulk text option is designed for use in health campaigns and practice announcements, and can help to reduce communication costs.

Bulk Targeted messages

Medical messenger will enable you to send targeted campaigns to your patients to recall them for seasonal flu clinics, diabetes reviews or smoking cessation campaigns. It will filter your selected groups to ensure the most cost effective channel of communication is sent – a SMS or a letter if no mobile number is available.

Least Cost Routing

Medical Messenger has a unique facility that will automatically find the cheapest way to send your message to your patients. This can be via an Email (free)- Text (free or from 2p) – Letter (44.7p)
Medical Messenger sorts through your chosen contact list and will send emails and texts to as many patients as possible at minimal cost and send a letter to the remaining patients at less than half the cost of normal post. Everyone gets your message , Medical Messenger finds the cheapest way to deliver it.

VC Smart mail

Medical Messenger incorporates our VC Smart Mail (postal solution), which is specifically designed to reduce costs and save staff time. VC Smart Mail is a fully secure online solution and operates as a pay-as-you-go service. To use VC Smart Mail, simply upload a letter as a word document or PDF, enter single addresses or upload your addresses via a CSV or Excel file, select your printing options, preview your mailing and send! No printing, no stuffing and no stamps!

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