Smart Clinic

A confidential self service solution

Adaptable triage facilities

A discrete vending process

Private interactive information points

An anonymous queuing system

Smart Clinic

VC Smart Clinic was originally developed to solve issues of confidentiality and potential embarrassment surrounding sexually transmitted diseases. The result is a remarkable service that is confidential as well as effective in helping both staff and patients. The flexibility of the design allows any department to benefit from the “self service“ element of the solution, saving staff resources and improving patient access.

  • Touch screen kiosks register and triage patients.
  • Vending machines dispense ‘identically packaged’ items using bar coded tickets.
  • Wall mounted queue screens display the waiting patient’s position in the queue and maintain their anonymity by using reference numbers issued on tickets printed by the kiosk.

“Smart Clinic has more than lived up to our expectations. We have used it successfully for auditing purposes and it has also helped us to fulfil the Department of Health drive to increase access for young people. In fact, the Smart Clinic initiative has been particularly well received by our young clients…”

Elizabeth Wilson, Service Co-ordinator, Lambeth PCT Reproductive and Sexual Health Service

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