SMS Text Messaging

Desktop and web based text messaging services

Pay as you go, single or mass texting system

Inbound texting to email

SMS Text Messaging


Voice Connect can supply a number of texting solutions to enable quick two way messaging between your organisation and your clients.

SMS Desk

A simple solution to allow you to create texts from your desk top. SMS Desk is simple to operate; you create your contact list, type in your message and click send. You can also set up as many contact lists as you need. Voice Connect also provide a reply service to work with SMS Desk if required.

Receive Text Messages as Emails

You can receive inbound text messages delivered straight to your chosen email address. It couldn’t be simpler, we set you up an account and provide you with a telephone number to promote to your customers. Your clients can then either text directly to the number or you can set up branch originators so that you can split where the texts go. Example: If the text reads as follows “Training yes please” the text would be sent as an email to the training department.

You can top up your text account at