Speech Recognition

“Speak and thou shalt be heard.”

24/7 voice dialling, call routing and voice search

Speech Recognition

Know the name but not the extension of the person your trying to get hold of?

Speech recognition is broken down into two distinct uses, Name dialling, where a caller is trying to speak to someone and information gathering, where the caller is giving information by speech.

Name Dialling

Name dialling is becoming an essential part of many larger organisations call routing portfolio. Taking calls from overworked reception staff and giving callers the ability to quickly speak to the person they want are requirements of the modern business.

Many large organisations suffer from a high volume of internal calls going through their reception, Name dialling is the perfect solution to reduce these unnecessary demands on operator services.
The caller simply dials the system, says the name of the person they wish to contact and are either put straight through if there is only one person with that name or given a choice of names with added information such as department or role.

Information Gathering

With the use of specific voice dictionarys callers can fill in forms, make payments and find out information via the phone 24/7. This form of application will often be used in conjunction with database integrations and can take calls away from costly customer service agents whilst improving overall service.

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