Touch Screens

  • Free standing, wall mounted or desk mounted options
  • Ticket printer and barcode scanner
  • Multi-functional

Touch Screens

Voice Connect’s touch screen kiosks are a smart and effective way to interact with your visitors. This solution has been a great success within the NHS but is now opening itself to a wider market.

Voice Connect’s touch screen kiosks are multi-functional and therefore offer a number of services to the visitor from a single point.

Are you looking to interact with your visitors, provide controlled access to information or reduce queues in your reception area? A touch screen kiosk offers a self service solution that improves privacy, reduces paper waste and results in lower administration costs.

To free up resources – Where staff time is allocated for…
Helping visitors find their way
Providing people with information
Conducting surveys / questionnaires
Signing / checking visitors into the building
Producing visitor badges
Answering frequently asked questions
Gathering statistical information

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