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24/7 Personal safety solutions for lone workers

VC Lone Worker enables you to manage risks to lone workers
and helps you to meet your legal requirements.

VC LoneWorker

Many organisations require their employees to work alone in remote locations or visit members of the public where they could face potential risks. These risks are of course unavoidable, but as employers you have a duty of care to provide towards your employees.

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What is VC Lone Worker?

VC Lone Worker provides personal safety and protection for lone working staff who work in dangerous or remote locations. Currently used in NHS trusts, councils, housing associations and utility companies, VC Lone Worker offers your employees high levels of protection. In the event that a lone worker is put under threat or danger, VC Lone Worker discreetly raises an alarm to selected recipients or a monitoring centre.

VC Lone Worker devices and applications are available…

To work in conjunction with VC Lone Worker and the standard phone interface, mobile phone applications and lone worker badges are availble, to give employees a greater choice in how they manage their lone worker jobs.

Mobile Phone Application

The mobile phone application, is an application available to lone working employees, which can be downloaded onto their mobile phone. The application is used by the lone worker to set up jobs, clear jobs and most importantly, raise alarms.

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