VC Relay

Low cost communication
A quick and effective way to send out urgent/informative messages
Re-enforce the delivery of positive messages to the community
Underpin the ‘Policing Pledge’
Warn and inform about major incidents

VC Relay

Voice Connect developed VC Relay as a mass communications tool to allow rapid contact with the public from organisations such as the police, local authorities and NHS Trusts. It allows text, email, fax and voice messages to be sent out quickly and easily and encourages 2 way communications from the public.

VC Relay acts as a personalised broadcast network. It is a PC/Server based solution that allows individuals / departments / groups to quickly choose who they want messages to be sent to, in what format each of these messages is sent out and when the messages are sent.

“It is a good system, we like it and the police like it as they can audit and control what goes out, which is really important with the data protection act.”
Eddie Whitlock, Gloucestershire Constabulary

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