VC3, ICRIS, Q-Master

The engine that powers all of Voice Connect’s products. A powerful, scalable, auto attendant, messaging, and queuing platform.

VC3, ICRIS, Q-Master

The VC3 (Voice Connector 3) is a modern unified messaging platform with a wide range of optional modules. The VC3 is our third generation successor to the original Voice Connector. Its basic function is to provide an autoattendant and voicemail, but it is much more than that. It is a sophisticated messaging platform that can be greatly enhanced by additional modules.
Used by many larger organisations due to the VC3‘s inherent replication and redundancy capabilities many customers are now taking advantage of virtualised environments to add further security to their comms infrastructure.
Capable of working on any phone system and available from 4 – 1000+ ports (simultaneous calls) the power of the VC3 comes into its own when combined with the ICRIS and Q Master modules.

PABX connectivity:

Voice Connect pride ourselves on offering continued support on all of our products, meaning our customers are secure in the thought that they will never be told that their system is no longer supported or has reached its end of life!. The customers who have used their system continuously for over 18 years know the advantages of a Voice Connect product!


ICRIS stands for Interactive Call Routing and Information Suite. It is a powerful application that enables you to create your own IVR voice forms. The intuitive drag and drop interface, coupled with the simple prompt recording system allows IT managers or departments to control the menus, call flows and information available to callers. Unlike other systems the number of menus or information points is limitless allowing continued growth and development of the system.

Q Master

Voice Connect’s Q Master module brings all the expected features of a fully fledged queuing system, such as position in queue and the option to play different messages dependent on time in queue.
The development of surveying callers whilst in the queue, or at the end of the call, and the implementation of payment solutions, now means Q Master is an even more essential tool for the modern organisation.