Secondary Healthcare

“It is an excellent system which helps to alleviate congestion, improve staff morale, improve patient access and promote self management. In my opinion, all walk-in clinics should opt to have this system installed.”

Secondary Healthcare

Voice Connect supply auto attendant, touch screens, speech recognition, call handling and automated booking solutions to the secondary care sector.

We help healthcare organisations provide better information and more efficient booking services to their patients.

We work with Sangix appointment booking solution,a specialist scheduling service that enables patients the ability to book, cancel and view appointments online or through the automated telephone service 24/7.

Proven to reduce DNA’s by enabling customers to check, change and cancel appointments around the clock, the system can also send automated text and email reminders.

Free up your staff to spend more time with patients.

If you are looking for a way to save costs and improve the efficiency of your booking system,
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