The Charity Box

24/7 Automated telephone donation line with HMRC approved Gift Aid collection.

Increase donations.

Reduce PCI-DSS scope.

The Charity Box

What’s in the Box?

Automated inbound telephone donation service – This gives you the ability to take donations 24/7 , anytime from anywhere. Free up your staff by using our inbound automated telephone donation line to collect payments from donors.

Web payment services

We offer full card payment services from your website, hosted on secure micro-sites under your brand. Processing rates are industry leading and completely transparent.

Mobile optimised web payments

A scaled down payment page optimised to be user friendly on smartphones (Blackberry, Android, iPhone compatible).

Why phone payments are important

Traditionally, collecting donations over the phone requires staff or agents manually handling calls. Not only is this expensive to operate but it limits the collection of payments to the size of your collection team and their operating hours. Supporters will often see your charity message in the evenings and during holiday periods. Are your staff taking payments during these key times?


By using Charity Box you limit your PCI-DSS risk by taking payments away from your existing infrastructure and therefore reducing your PCI-DSS scope. Payments over the phone that are handled by staff will become increasingly rare as tougher regulation comes into place.

Maximise your Gift Aid collection.

It is estimated by HMRC that charities are losing £700 million a year in unclaimed Gift Aid. This is usually due to lack of resources and an efficient system to collect Gift Aid declarations. Charity Box will take Gift Aid declarations automatically during the call, without staff intervention, maximising the charity’s income. The diagram below shows the simple call flow that has been approved by HMRC to allow automated GiftAid collection.

Special Appeals

The Charity Box solution can quickly be expanded to cover urgent campaigns allowing you to react to unexpected events. The Charity Box will work with the banks to not only quickly deploy emergency lines but create a full audit trail to show the correct campaign name on your donor’s statement.