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Patient Partner

24/7 automated telephone booking


Voice Connect’s Patient Partner solution brings practice efficiencies at the same time as improving patient access to services. Patient Partner enables patients to ring the surgery 24/7 and book, check, change and cancel appointments without the need to speak to a receptionist.

Using the phone is still the preferred way for patients to contact your practice, being able to call you 24/7 not only improves the service to the patient but also benefits the surgery. By improving access morning telephone congestion is reduced, freeing staff for other duties. With the ability to check, cancel and change appointments when a patient realises they can no longer make that date, DNA rates also improve. The excuse of “I couldn’t get through” no longer applies and by moving these calls away from the first hour of the morning, pressure is taken off the reception team.


  • Improve Patient Access
  • Reduce DNA’s
  • Reduce Telephone Congestion
  • Free Up Reception Staff
  • Reduce OOH Attendances
  • Reduce Patient Complaints
  • Works Live Alongside Your Reception Team


The patient calls the practice telephone number and chooses the Patient Partner option.  The patient then logs in to the system using their Date of Birth and Telephone number and they will be given options to Book, Check, Change or Cancel an appointment.

If the patient chooses to book an appointment they will be given a menu of available types of appointment. This menu is entirely down to the practice and will reflect how the practice prefers to work. These options will commonly include:

  • First Available GP Appointment
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Triaging Options
  • Male or Female GP Appointments
  • Nursing Appointments

Once the patient has chosen the appointment type they need, they will be offered the next available time and date for that appointment type. The patient can then accept this appointment or choose another time or date. Patient Partner works live with all the different primary care appointment books so there is no option of the appointment being booked by a member of staff at the same time.

“Early morning demand on the telephone systems is now manageable, and has removed the need to deploy additional staff”
Eye Health Centre, Suffolk






Every practice we meet is different and because of that every installation of Patient Partner is different. The system benefits practices of all sizes and enhances signposting and triaging working methods. Patient Partner can book any type of appointment from standard ten-minute GP appointments to seasonal one minute Flu slots. The system also offers different options dependent upon the time and day of the week.

Our implementation team will work with the practice to create a system that suits how your practice operates and benefits you and your patients the most. Once the system is up and running it works automatically in the background following the rules set by the practice without the need of day to day attention.

Common Patient Partner options

  • Triaging
  • GP appointments
  • Telephone consultations
  • Flu Jabs
  • Nurse Appointments e.g. Blood tests


Patient Partner can currently be deployed 11 languages to help meet the need of your practices patient population.

  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Somali
  • Sylheti
  • Urdu
  • Welsh
“I’d advise any surgery that wanted to improve patient access to go for it”
Davenport House Surgery, Hertfordshire


For SystmOne users automated repeat prescription ordering is available as an additional module. The module enables patients to dial into the system and re-order repeat prescriptions automatically over the phone. The patient chooses from a list of available prescriptions and Patient Partner then completes the order in the same way a member of staff would waiting for the sign off of a GP. More detail on this module can be found here …


Patient Partner integrates with all of the current primary care appointment books, EMIS, SystmOne, Vision, Microtest and Frontdesk and is increasingly being deployed within the secondary and community sectors. Voice Connect’s partner Sangix specialises in improving access to Phlebotomy departments and deploys Patient Partner as part of its core solution. With over twenty years of experience supplying integrated products to the NHS, Patient Partner is the most flexible and advanced telephone booking service available and the only solution to be able to integrate into all of the above databases.


Patient Partner can be deployed on any existing phone system or as part of a new telephony project. Our experienced team will work with the practice, CCG or CSU and their telephony providers to supply the solution that meets your practices needs. Patient Partners flexibility means it can be implemented in a number of ways either as an onsite or hosted solution. The Voice Connect team will explain the options and guide you through the process installation and deployment.


Telephone triage is now a common part of many practices morning routine and can reduce the pressure on appointments. The problem for many practices is that they still have to handle all the incoming calls in the first hour of the morning. Patient Partner is designed to take the patients reason for call and explain to them when the practice is likely to call back and to keep the phone free. This is done automatically on the practice’s main phone line throughout the night.

In the morning, GPs or nursing staff have a pre-built list of all the patients that require triaging. Along with the list is the patient’s telephone number that they wish to be called back on and a short wav file that contains the reason for their call. Staff can prioritise the call-backs based on the patient’s description.

Note A recorded reason can be left for any appointment type if desired. The GP or nurse can simply access the patient’s wav file in the appointment details to listen to the patient’s explanation.


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